This RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Course offers you a thorough fundamental introduction into Tantra and Yoga as taught by ancient traditions in India, Tibet, and China, blended with modern elements and research. We approach Tantra neither as shallow romanticism nor as a license for fornication, but as an accurate science of personal development, that confronts us with fundamental questions about life and existence. Together we’ll enter a vast field of exercise, philosophy, mysticism, meditation, and conscious sexuality. We aim towards holistic sanity, awareness in daily life, a clear present mind and a loving heart, spiritual evolution, and towards empowering you to walk your talk.

In the TTC we will explore Tantra Yoga through Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Ritual Elements, Tantric Practices, and through Philosophy and Meditation. Besides this you will be provided with many necessary tools regarding Anatomy, Physiology, Structuring, Sequencing, Marketing and much more to prepare you teaching Yoga and Tantra in today’s world.

As mentioned, there will be NO nudity or physical sexuality during this course, though we will work a lot with creative sexual energy and with the integration of spirituality and sexuality. Also, in our TTC nobody shall feel obliged in the name of ‘Tantric Teachings’ to do anything against their free will. We are non-sectarian, there is no intention to push anyone into relationships with others (or to prevent them) and of course this program is no place to harass or seduce other participants. Instead we aim maintaining a high standard of spirituality, with loving presence and awareness and without forgetting about having a fun time. Join if you desire to embrace life as a path to evolve and awaken.


Once you have been accepted into the Tantra Yoga TTC here is a list of the components that will follow:

1. Course Preparation
Two months before the TTC starts we will send you a preparatory study packet. It contains video tutorials, handbooks and a TTC preparation plan. We require you to study these materials before coming to the training, so that everyone can begin at the same level. If you register for the TTC closer to the start date you will get the preparatory study packet when you register.

2. The Teachers Training Course
The course begins on Sunday afternoon with a welcome registration and ends on a Saturday afternoon after the graduation ceremony. Please see details on the daily schedule below.

3. Subsequent Support
We provide optional 6-month post TTC support for all successful graduates from the course. During this time we’ll meet once per month for an online zoom call to discuss anything that arises as you step forward as a teacher.


Our schedule runs weekly from Monday to Saturday with Sundays off. A regular teaching day starts at 6:30 and finishes at around 18:30. As this is an intense journey, we try to keep the evenings free besides our weekly Sisters and Brothers Circle, and maybe an occasional non mandatory Kirtan evening. Saturdays have a slightly different format, and we usually finish earlier around 16:30.

General Daily Schedule
06:30 – 09:00: Morning Tantra Yoga Practice
09:00 – 10:00: Breakfast Break
10:00 – 12:45: Theory Backgrounds, Group Work
12:45 – 14:30: Lunch Break
14:30 – 17:00: Anatomy, Philosophy, Practicums
17:00 – 18:30: Tantric Ritual Spaces, Exercises, Meditation
18:30 – 20:00: Dinner Break
20:00 – 21:00: Sisters/Brothers Circle (once per week)

* Note – This schedule is a general overview and differs each week.


Our intention is to empower high quality teachers, which means we prepare you in the best possible way to leave the course as an embodied, knowledgable and ethical teacher. This course is designed as a teacher training, not only as a ‘retreat’. This means that on top of your own practice and personal transformation we will prepare you to become a teacher and help others in their practice and transformation.

To ensure quality, our training is intensive and you are required to pass several exams during the TTC to demonstrate your understanding of the course materials. The exams consist of a small intro exam for the preparatory study and course preparation, some exams during the course, and a bigger final exam at the end of the course.

Besides participating in the Yoga and Tantra sessions you will also do practicums, which give you the opportunity to practice and gain confidence in your teaching abilities. Practicums consist of a class-like settings where you will practice teaching your peers and later receive feedback. In total there will be 5 practicums, the first one short, the later ones longer.


Your personal practice includes more techniques than you will be qualified to teach later. This is because we want you to be a strong practitioner with more knowledge and experience than what you teach to others.

During our TTC your will learn and practice:

  • 36 traditional Hatha-Kundalini Asanas
  • 6 or more classical Pranayama techniques
  • 5 or more techniques to concentrate your mind (Dharana)
  • 6 or more meditation practices (Dhyana)
  • Various Tantric Ritual Elements
  • Plenty of warm-up exercises and Sat Karma Kriya techniques

Most of these techniques will be presented in detail with an overview, alignment, variations and contraindications. We will also explore their physical, energetic, emotional-mental, and spiritual benefits.


Some of these techniques will be presented, practiced and discussed in more depth in the course. They later form your toolkit as a Tantra teacher. After successfully graduating from the TTC you will be able to teach:

  • 24 traditional Hatha-Kundalini Asanas
  • Various warm-up techniques
  • 4 classical Pranayamas
  • 2 Bandhas
  • 3 techniques to concentrate the mind (Dharana)
  • 3 Meditation practices
  • Key points to facilitate safe Tantric Ritual Space


You can find where the next TTC is held on our homepage. Once you are accepted into the program we will send you more specific information about the venue.