25 AUG 2024, ITALY



25 AUG 2024, ITALY



This 240 hour Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive and inspirational program that will transform your practice and deepen your understanding of Tantra and Yoga. It is a compilation of gems our Teachers have learned from decades of practicing, studying and teaching Yoga and Tantra.

Whether you are an aspiring teacher or desire to deepen your practice, this Yoga Alliance RYT200 certified program will give you a solid foundation to practice and teach Tantra Yoga.

While honoring Yoga’s historical background, we approach Tantra Yoga as a modern and holistic practice, providing you with a potent blend of Eastern tradition and Western science. In our intense on-site training you will gain a deep understanding of Tantra in it’s many aspects and how it integrates with Yoga through an exploration of Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Tantric Ritual Practice, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Philosophy and Meditation.

After successfully completing the Tantra Yoga Teacher Training you will be able to hold quality, cohesive Yoga classes along with transformative Tantric Ritual Spaces and events.

We believe that is not just what you learn, but how you learn that matters. Our Teacher Training is designed to maximize your engagement and learning process through a balance of theory, practice and application.

Our deep intention is to provide you with all skills and tools necessary to become a confident and progressive Tantra Yoga teacher, who embodies both, a broad base of inner knowledge and living experience as well as high standards of class facilitation. This is why we solely employ experienced certified Tantra Yoga facilitators to teach in this course. After successful completion of this training you will be professionally recognized as a RYT200 Yoga Teacher around the world.

Now is the time to be the change you want to see in the world! Sign up today, and become supported by an inspiring community of teachers and peers all committed to personal growth and teaching excellence.

“Oneness is like the clear blue sky
– everything arises, unfolds, and subsides within its all-compassionate love. Everything is an aspect of Oneness. And our quest to know this comes from Oneness.” ~ Abhinavagupta


Join a practice-oriented course that empowers you to lead!
The main focus of this program is on the practical application of Tantra Yoga. Experienced teachers will support your unique flavour as a teacher while bringing forth an embodied understanding of Tantra and Yoga. On top of your teachers’ toolkit you will receive plenty of tools to deepen your personal practice.

Join a modern-orientated Teacher Training with ongoing support!
We want you to be successful. While building a thorough foundation in Tantra Yoga through practice and philosophy, you will also learn how to create and market your Yoga business, both locally and internationally. After graduation we offer you further support through an online teachers community and monthly group calls.

Go deep, go profound!
In this training, you will get a thorough foundation in Yoga and Tantra which is clearly and comprehensively shared with you in both practice and theory. Our program includes important Yoga and Tantra basics such as Asana, Pranayama, concentration of the mind, awareness and meditation. Discover how to work efficiently with life-force, Chakras, brainwaves as well as holding safe Tantric Ritual Space. Furthermore we will explore gems from classical texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

Integrate sexuality with spirituality!
This yogic program is unique in that it unifies daily and spiritual life without excluding the creative sexual forces. If you seek to find a holistic Yoga system in which you can explore consciousness, life-force, and how to efficiently work with your creative sexual energy, this course is tailor made for you.

Join a holistic program which integrates your normal and spiritual life!
While exploring spiritual and philosophical heights we like to ensure your feet remain firmly grounded. We equally embrace “Shiva” and “Shakti” – Divine consciousness and Divine life-force energy within us in every moment.

Book a life-transforming holiday escape!
Immerse yourself in this transformative training while being in a beautiful natural environment. It is a perfect opportunity to be away from the modern world for 28 consecutive days as you dive deeper into your yogic practice and grow your skills as a Tantra Yoga teacher.
We welcome you in a beautiful family-style retreat center in sunny Southern Italy with stunning nature, 3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day, clean air and an abundance of fresh natural spring water.



Our on-site Training journeys through the following themes:

  • Week 1:TANTRA YOGA – Basics and Foundation
  • Week 2: SHAKTI – Energy and Manifestation
  • Week 3: PURIFICATION – Resistance and the Shadow
  • Week 4: SHIVA – Consciousness and Transcendence

In addition to deepening your Yogic knowledge and Tantric practice, there will be several practicums for you to practice and gain confidence being in the role of a teacher.

During the TTC you will learn and practice in depth:

    • 36 traditional Hatha-Kundalini Asanas
    • 6 or more classical Pranayama techniques
    • 5 or more techniques to concentrate your mind (Dharana)
    • 6 or more meditation and awareness practices
    • A broad variety of Tantric Ritual Elements
    • Plenty of warm-up exercises and Sat Karma Kriya techniques


  • Become a skilled, empowered Tantra Yoga teacher
  • Learn to live the teachings of Yoga and Tantra in daily life
  • Deepen your personal practice through Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
  • Understand how to create cohesive sequencing and design class themes
  • Learn to present Yogic and Tantric philosophy in an inspiring way
  • Gain the ability to give effective asana alignment & adjustments
  • Discover how to create sacred ritual space and hold Tantra workshops
  • Improve your physical and mental wellbeing through Kriya, diet & purification
  • Understand how to efficiently work with energy, chakras & sublimation techniques
  • Explore ancient classical texts such as the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra
  • Learn how to build a professional and Ethical Yoga business
  • And much more

Find more information on our MORE TTC INFO page.



Jan is a German born passionate Tantra Yogin, Yoga Teacher, certified Naturopath (Heilpraktiker), Acupuncturist, body-worker and musician. Starting his Tantra Yogic path early in 1999 he has been teaching Hatha-Kundalini and Therapeutic Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in classes, workshops and Teacher Training Programs since 2009. Jan is known for transmitting profound Yogic teachings and Tantric knowledge in clear, dedicated and comprehensive manners with a good portion of joy and humor.
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Naomi Prema Devi


Naomi is a Yoga Teacher, Tantra Facilitator, and Relationship & Intimacy Coach. She has been exploring spirituality, Tantra, Yoga, and Healing Arts since 2001 and has taught Kundalini, Hatha, and Tantra Yoga professionally for over 16 years. She is a qualified Kundalini and Tantra Yoga Teacher, Mystical Dance Teacher, Tao Tantric Arts Instructor, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and is co-founder of the Heart of Tantra Festival.
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Mel is a Tantra Yoga Teacher, Tantra Massage Teacher, Fengshui Counselor and Reiki Therapist. For years, Tantra and Tantra Yoga has had a huge life-changing impact in her life. She loves the world of energies and energy work from its many angles and is very passionate about supporting others on their transformational journey and in their healing experiences.
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€1447 SUPER EARLY BIRD COURSE FEE – Book before Feb 25th.
– Book from Feb 25th to May 25th.
– Book after May 25th.

In addition to the course fee listed above, the further costs at the Retreat Center range from approx. 1150€ to 1350€ for 3 healthy vegetarian/vegan meals a day and accommodation in a double room. With your registration you will receive the center’s contact details so that you can choose your preferred type of accommodation.


Italy Farm Stay Retreat Center
Near Abruzzi National Park, Lazio, Italy
August 25th – September 21st, 2024

Our training runs for 28 days, beginning on Sunday at 15.00 and ending on Saturday at around 17:30. It is important to arrive on time and to notify us if this is not possible for you.

Become a leader in the growing field of Tantra Yoga. Register today!

Your full investment Includes:

  • 28-day on-site Tantra Yoga Teacher Training plus our preliminary study and tutorial packet – 240 hours of training in total
  • All tuition, manuals, and course materials
  • 27 nights accommodation in sunny Southern Italy in beautiful shared double rooms
  • 3 healthy vegetarian/vegan meals a day (special options available)
  • Your RYT200 Tantra Yoga Instructor Certificate upon graduation (You must fulfill the course requirements and successfully pass the final exams to receive it.)
  • 6 months group support after the main course (includes a monthly online group meeting and online community)


In order to join our course, we require your completed and approved application form and at least a deposit to secure your spot in the course.



Make a step and become a part of the conscious revolution! JOIN this powerful RYT200 Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course. We are at a time where the planet needs more conscious leaders. By becoming a teacher in the field of Tantra Yoga you have the opportunity to change the world into a better place for all beings.

SIGN UP TODAY. Just click the button below and submit us your application form. Early application is strongly recommended as the number of available seats is limited.

We look forward to meet you in person soon and  support you on your Yogic journey.