This TTC is structured with the intention to help all participants become mature, empowered, ethical practitioners and teachers in the field of Tantra Yoga. Because of this our training is very intensive and will give you an extensive amount of advanced mental, physical and spiritual input regarding Yoga and Tantra within a short time. It is important that you have good health and mental maturity to handle the intensity of the program.

Besides agreeing within the ‘wordly’ realms of certification criteria, terms and refund policies, during the TTC we also require you to be self-responsible and maintain an inner attitude that aligns well with the teachings of Yoga and Tantra. The ‘Code of Conduct” below has proven to be very helpful, and we regard it as mandatory for a harmonious journey and the successful completion of the program.


By clicking the checkbox in the application form you indicate that you agree to the following statements.

1. I am physically and mentally healthy and able to handle the intensity of this program.

2. I dedicate my time, awareness, and energy to fully and actively engage in this training. I understand that this is a full-time program to which I will give full priority with presence and an open-mind.

3. I commit to follow the course structure and being on time for all scheduled sessions.

4. I agree to refrain from mobile communication during the scheduled program hours (not during breaks) and to keep all my mobie devices in flight mode inside the Yoga hall.

5. According to the teachings of Yoga and Tantra it is necessary to maintain a certain level of purity to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the practice. I agree to fully refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs or intoxicating substances for the entire duration of the program. I understand that noncompliance may lead to expulsion from the program.

6. I am determined to have a positive attitude and to practice self-awareness with the intention to create a respectful, loving, and supportive environment for my fellow students, staff and teachers.

7. I am open to receive input as well as feedback, and I will ask for support when necessary from the facilitators.

8. I understand that this Teachers training can be challenging for myself and my peers. I agree to be self responsible and to own my thoughts, actions and emotions.

9. I understand that this teacher training is an educational program designed for a group. I am aware that if I face major physical or psychological challenges I need to seek outside professional support, as the facilitators will not be available to provide exclusive guidance and psychological coaching beyond what is offered as part of the curriculum.

10. I understand that tuition payment alone does not guarantee my certification from the program. Full participation, punctuality, completion of the practicum assignments, demonstration of understanding the teaching contents in the exams, as well as acting in a respectful manner towards the group, teachings, and teachers will ensure my successful completion of the program.

11. I have some Yoga experience and have attended a minimum of 12 Yoga classes (of either Hatha, Kundalini, Kriya, or similar Yoga styles) prior to this training.

12. I am able to read, speak and comprehend English with a satisfactory degree of fluency.